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Is Debt harmful for the country?

Debt is an instrument that has an equal number of critics and supporters, but if we look at this concerning the current scenario, things are on a bit of a scary side. We have seen the announcement of relief packages consisting of huge amounts of money. Have you ever wondered about where it is coming from, or do you have to worry about the debt taken by the government, and what repercussions it can have in the long term? In this post, I have tried to encapsulate a few things, which would help you get an overview of how things will move around with this huge debt.
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The Origin of Greed and Fear

Greed and Fear is something that is not only applied in the field of investments but also in businesses, industries, and countries. It is something that can either make or break one’s career. There is no amount of growth that can’t be destroyed by an investor’s temptation to grab too much of it. And there is no opportunity so appealing that it will catch the eye of someone who refuses to look.
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